Our Most Award-Winning Socks

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Our Most Award-Winning Socks

There are socks…and then there are award-winning socks.

We’ve compiled a list of Swiftwick socks that are favored by industry folks and gear reviewers. These socks have been put to the test and made it to the podium.



Men's Health Outdoor Award Winner

Outside Magazine Editor's Choice Award Winner

Runner's World Gear of the Year Award Winner

Women's Health Fitness Award

“The FLITE XT TRAIL boasts a host of features that amount to the best-fitting, most resilient sock we’ve ever put on our feet.” - Outside Magazine

Here’s what makes the FLITE XT TRAIL a best-in-class hiking and trail-running sock:

  • AnkleLock™ Technology supports ankles during quick movements on varying terrain.
  • GripDry™ Fiber in the heel and forefoot add stability.
  • Natural Merino wool with a full Olefin footbed moves moisture away from your feet, keeping them dry and blister-free.

Best for:




Men's Health Award: Best Fitness Sock

Good Housekeeping Best Fitness Award

“Testers loved wearing these socks, saying they fit perfectly and stayed dry through miles of running and walking.” - Good Housekeeping

Here’s what makes the FLITE XT ideal for a variety of activities that require all-around stability:

  • AnkleLock Technology™ to support your ankles during repetitive movements.
  • GripDry™ Fiber in the heel and forefoot keeps you stable in your shoes.
  • Medium cushion and moderate compression provides comfort during high-impact movements.

Best for:




Self Magazine Outdoor Gear Award Winner

“They may not look like much to write home about, but they’re the best socks I own...They last forever and I rarely buy any other brand at this point.” - Self Magazine

Here’s what makes the VIBE a versatile favorite for the trails:

  • Designed to support muscles on uneven terrain.
  • Wicks moisture quickly to keep feet dry and blister-free.
  • Medium cushion to absorb impact and keep your feet comfortable

Best for:




GearLab Best Buy

Men's Health Fitness Award

“After testing it for over 30 miles of travel, we've learned that this well-fitted contender is perfect for sweaty conditions. Whether you struggle with sweaty feet or simply plan on running in hot weather, it'll keep your feet dry and happy.” - GearLab

Here’s what makes the ASPIRE our most popular running sock:

  • Thin profile is designed to fit into any technical shoe with a barely-there feeling.
  • Firmly hugs the contours of your feet to support the arch and help reduce fatigue.
  • Built to provide maximum breathability with signature fibers that wick-moisture, keeping your feet cool, dry, and blister-free.
  • New Micro Tab prevents contact with the back of your shoe to protect your heel. Currently available in Pewter and Cobalt Blue.

Best for:



When you’re looking for the best sock for your adventures, Swiftwick has got you covered. Every high-performance sock is made in the US using the most sustainable practices available to us. We guarantee they will be the best socks you ever wear.

Learn more about the technology packed into every sock here.

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