What Does Our Impact Mean?

Our Impact measures the positive and negative impacts we make as an organization on our customers, community, and the earth at large.



Creating products that last minimizes the need for consumption, keeps our products out of landfills, and reduces the use of raw materials needed to create our products.

Made In The USA

By creating our products locally we are able to reduce garment miles, better control inventory and the use of raw materials and manufacturing, and support local communities with jobs. Every Swiftwick sock is made in the US.

Fiber Selection

We define sustainable fibers as meeting one of three classifications:


Fibers produced from post-consumer or post-industrial waste. These products are kept from landfills or other waste streams and are used to create new raw materials.


Synthetic fibers that use fewer resources to create. Our responsible fibers greatly minimize energy consumption and reduce waste water versus competitive non-responsible fibers; they may also be certified by third party organizations.


Fibers that naturally regenerate, for example Merino wool.

Additionally, we focus on sourcing domestically whenever possible to ensure our overall environmental impact is minimized throughout the supply-chain process.


The Fibers We Use


This responsible fiber is our signature hydrophobic fiber. It is abrasion resistant, very lightweight, and one of the most environmentally friendly synthetic fibers. Olefin is solution dyed limiting its color selection but also greatly reducing water consumption and wastewater, making it a textile with one of the lowest carbon footprints.


Finished goods and their production make up a lot of our environmental impact, but there is so much more that goes into reducing our footprint. In 2019 we removed single-use plastics from all of our retail packaging, eliminating over a ton of single-use plastic annually.

We know that our use of polybags is an opportunity for continued reduction of single-use plastics and we are consistently working to find ways to eliminate their use. Unfortunately, polybags remain a requirement of many retail channels. Options we have explored so far have greatly minimized the customer experience while making minimal positive environmental impact. We recognize this is an area for improvement within our organization and across the industry, and we will continue to seek true solutions to this problem.

It is a business priority to identify areas throughout our company where we can continue to make improvements and set new standards for how we do business every single day. We will continue to update you on ways we have identified to reduce our environmental impact, and report back for both accountability and to inspire you with how you too can reduce your carbon footprint.


Our goal is to minimize our environmental footprint to the greatest of our ability. Additionally, we seek to maximize our positive impacts on our customers and communities, by creating durable products that last, keeping jobs local, and supporting organizations who share our values of positively impacting the world around us and the earth we call home.

We encourage our customers to ask questions. We are always learning, testing, and striving to do better.

Community Impact


We support organizations that share our mission for empowering people to be the best version of themselves through the pursuit of adventure. We place a focus on connecting underserved youth with the outdoors, fostering a love and respect for chasing adventure, and keeping our environment clean and safe for all to enjoy. We also partner with organizations in need of socks, minimizing any waste of finished goods and giving back to those who need help the most. Learn more about our community partners here.


We believe in the importance of diversity throughout every aspect of our organization. We seek out partners that provide diverse representation of voice, thought, gender, race, physical ability, and background including the athletes, ambassadors, and organizations we partner with. We will continue to work to ensure that our hiring practices and the benefits we provide our team reflect the need to always employ a diverse team.

Future Timeline


Swiftwick commits to sourcing 80% of our Merino wool from RWS certified sources by the end of 2024. RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) aims to improve the welfare of sheep and the land that they graze on. RWS independently certifies animal welfare and land management practices in wool production and tracks certified material from farm to final product.


100% of Swiftwick socks continue to be made with Recycled, Responsible, or Renewable, materials. We are committed to raising the volume of these fibers to 61% of raw materials used.


Swiftwick commits to sourcing 100% of our Merino wool from RWS certified sources by the end of 2027.