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Feel The Difference With These Specially-Designed Fitness Socks

by Emma Thimmig May 04, 2021 2 min read

For those who push themselves to finish every last rep, who strive to be faster and stronger… meet FLITE XT. Designed to increase stability so you can get through your toughest workouts, FLITE XT is the most technologically advanced sock you’ll ever slip onto your feet. Find out what makes it so special.
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Two Organizations Working To Get Middle Tennessee Youth Outside

by Emma Thimmig April 19, 2021 1 min read

This Earth Day, we’re celebrating two organizations near and dear to us here in Middle Tennessee that are making a big difference in under-served communities through nature. Get to know them!
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3 Tips For First Time Triathletes from Swiftwick Athlete Pedro Gomes

by Emma Thimmig April 08, 2021 1 min read

Are you an avid runner or cyclist looking to break into the triathlon sphere? We asked Swiftwick athlete and professional triathlete, Pedro Gomes, shares his tips for first time triathletes. Here are his top three suggestions to get you going!
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This Is The Most Comfortable Running Sock You'll Ever Wear

by Emma Thimmig March 23, 2021 0 min read

Running is often associated with words like speed, tenacity, and endurance… it’s less often associated with the word “comfort.” We’re here to change that withMAXUS, our most cushioned sock that doesn’t skimp on performance features. Go farther, run longer, and feel the bliss mile after mile.
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Sprint Into Spring With All-New Colors and Designs

by Emma Thimmig March 09, 2021 0 min read

We’re celebrating this season with a new release of our own: 30+ new colors and designs in your favorite Swiftwick socks. Bright hues and splashy patterns will revitalize your workouts and inspire new adventures as warm weather returns.
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5 Virtual Cycling Apps To Help You Prepare For Bike Season

by Emma Thimmig February 22, 2021 0 min read

As we head into spring, it’s time to start thinking about bike season! Even if the weather isn’t compatible with outdoor riding, you can hit the pedals indoors with the help of a training app. Try one of these suggested services to get yourself ready for summer riding.
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