How To Choose The Right Sock Cuff Height

How To Choose The Right Sock Cuff Height

When you picture a pair of socks, what do you see? Do you think of a standard crew or a pair of no-shows? Maybe a pair of knee-high compression socks comes to mind?

Sock heights can vary from no-show to knee-high and everything in between. In fact, we offer nine different cuff heights to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Here’s a guide to each sock height and its features to help you choose the perfect cuff height.

Woman lunging.

First, what do all the numbers mean? At Swiftwick we categorize our cuff heights by the number of inches they rise above the ankle. The One rises one inch above the ankle while the Seven measures seven inches above the ankle. Pretty simple, right? Let’s dive into each of those nine options.


Let’s start with the lowest cuff height available: our Zero No-Show. For those who prefer a minimal profile, these socks will barely peek over your shoe - but don’t worry, our socks are designed to stay put during your entire workout without slipping. This height is preferred by runners and gym-goers - and is also perfect for daily wear.


Just like it sounds, the One Ankle-Height sock rises a little higher than the no-show to the wearer’s ankle. These socks are commonly chosen by runners, day hikers, or golfers who prefer slightly more coverage than the Zero. These types of socks are also commonly spotted at the gym or at the office - they’re versatile and comfortable.

Quarter Crew

Moving on up to the Quarter Crew - the height you’ll find in our Twos and Fours. These socks aren’t quite as tall as a classic crew but rise two or four inches above the ankle for more support, visibility, and protection. For those who don’t quite want an ankle sock, the quarter crew can be a good choice. These tend to be popular with cyclists (both road and mountain) as well as trail runners and golfers.


The sock height you know and love. You can find three different crew heights in our lineup: the Five, Six, and Seven. These crew socks provide more coverage and compression to the wearer, as well as more room for bright, fun patterns to be displayed. These are a fan favorite for trail running, hiking, mountain biking, or just everyday wear.


We saved the tallest for last: our Knee High Twelve rises all the way to the knee. This allows compression to be distributed to the entire lower leg, supporting the calf, shin, and ankle. These socks can be ideal for running long distances, snowsports, or for those who spend all day on their feet at work.

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Sock heights can be just as varied as your outdoor activities. Whether you’re a die-hard ankle sock wearer or you like to switch it up depending on the day, we have the socks you’re looking for!