What Sock Cushion Level Is Right For You?

What Sock Cushion Level Is Right For You? 

Shopping for performance socks sounds simple, but sometimes choosing between different features like sock cushion can be daunting. Without trying on every type of sock there is, how can you decide which level of cushion is right for you?

While it comes down to personal preference in the end, there are some helpful tips to steer you in the right direction in regards to cushioning. Read on to find your ideal cushion level based on your activities. 

Cyclists and Triathletes 

For those who spend time on the pedals, a lightly cushioned sock can be the perfect fit. A minimal cushion provides support without adding bulk. You can find light cushion in our ASPIRE line that features maximum breathability and feels responsive in your shoe.

If you’re a cyclist that prefers a little extra cushion on your ride, the medium cushion found in VISION can provide a little more pillow. As an added bonus, the fun designs will stand out on the trail as the perfect addition to your kit. 

Man riding a bike down a gravel path.

Road Runners

If you’re an avid runner who sticks to the road or paved paths, you’ll enjoy the protection of a maximum cushion. Found in our MAXUS line, maximum cushion absorbs impact with every step you take. When running on a hard surface you’ll appreciate this sock’s absorption power - and don’t worry, our maximum cushion is still ultra-breathable and wicks moisture effectively so your feet won’t overheat. 

Trail Runners 

If trail running is more your style, you’ll likely prefer a happy medium between the previous options - a medium cushion! Found in many lines including FLITE XT TRAIL and PURSUIT, medium cushion is not too soft and not too minimal… it’s just right. These socks give your feet support while allowing your feet to react to uneven terrain. 

Woman trail running.


For our hiking friends, choosing a sock cushion can depend on the type of excursion. For shorter, warmer hikes, we recommend the PURSUIT HIKE Light Cushion that protects and supports without feeling heavy. For long, full-day hikes or hikes in variable weather, the soft Medium cushion provided by our PURSUIT HIKE Medium Cushion is the perfect fit.

Fitness Fans 

From spin class to crossfit to HIIT workouts, fitness-loving folks often prefer a little shock absorption as they sweat it out. FLITE XT not only offers a medium cushion to add comfort to your training, it also is engineered to provide stability in your shoe while you move. Gym-goers love the support and comfort found in FLITE XT so much they often end up wearing them all day, every day. 

Woman stretching and checking her watch.


If you just can’t decide on a bike ride, a visit to the gym, or a day at the links, Medium cushion found in socks like PURSUIT and PERFORMANCE might be just the ticket. These socks can multi-task just like you, taking you from the office to the trail to the treadmill. You can’t go wrong with a supportive medium cushion. Or, try out a pair of each and find which your feet love best! 

While the cushion level differs throughout our range of socks, you’ll still enjoy our high-tech moisture wicking technology in every pair. From ultra-plush to light, your feet will stay dry and comfortable mile after mile! 

Two women talking and smiling in the woods while hiking.