How To Ensure Your Socks Fit Correctly

How To Ensure Your Socks Fit Correctly

A well-fitting sock is one less thing you have to worry about - it’s comfortable, supportive, and stays put throughout your workout. If you experience discomfort, blisters, or unusual wear in your socks, these might be signs that your socks aren’t fitting correctly. Beyond size, there are three areas to check for correct fit: heel, toe, and cuff. 

Size Chart 

The first step to determining the correct sock fit is to check your size! Swiftwick sock sizes are based on your shoe size using the following chart: 

Size Chart for Socks.

Use your shoe size to determine your correct sock size. If you have a pair of Swiftwicks that you love, check the bottom of the sock to determine which size it is (there will be a small letter S, M, L, or XL). 

Heel Fit 

To determine if a sock is the right fit for you, evaluate the heel. The Y-shaped contour should encircle the heel area without being loose. If the heel section of the sock extends above the heel, your socks may be too large. If the heel area falls more toward the arch of your foot, your sock is too small. 

Toe Fit 

Swiftwick socks have a seamless toe design to prevent friction and discomfort in the toe box. If you’re feeling excess fabric and friction in the toe area when running or moving around, you will want to size down to avoid injury. 

Cuff Fit 

Lastly, the cuff of your sock shouldn’t slide down or slouch during movement. If you find yourself pulling your socks up multiple times every workout, it’s a sign you’re wearing a size too big! Likewise, if you feel like your cuff is squeezing too hard or causing discomfort, choosing a larger size can help alleviate those issues. A well-fitting cuff is snug and stays put! 

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Ill-fitting socks can ruin a day on the trail or a stint on the treadmill. Ensure your socks fit properly to prevent discomfort or injury. And don’t forget proper care of your socks to avoid shrinking or stretching!