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FAQ's and Contact Us

Here are our most frequently asked questions. Can't find an answer? Scroll down and fill out our contact form!



All our socks are backed by the Best Sock You Will Ever Wear Guarantee. We are committed to providing each customer with the best experience possible. If you are unsatisfied with a Swiftwick product, Contact Us and we will take care of you.



What type of socks do I have?

The easiest way to tell which sock style you have is by the color of the letter on the bottom of your sock.

ASPIRE – Red,  VIBE- Grey,  MAXUS – Yellow, PURSUIT – Green, PERFORMANCE – Blue (White or Tan)

Learn more about the Full Swiftwick Line Up by visiting our Sock Technology page.


What does sock compression mean?

Each pair of our socks is designed with a Firm, Moderate, or Relaxed compression level. Need help choosing the right compression level for you? Visit our blog for a how-to guide on choosing compression.

The ASPIRE Twelve uses managed compression (even pressure throughout) with 20-30 mmHg in the ankle.  Please note ASPIRE Twelve is not a registered medical device therefore it is not indicated for any particular therapeutic benefits.


What size is my sock?

Swiftwick sizing is based on your corresponding shoe size. Please refer to the size chart below:

S 3-5½ 5-7½ 35-38
M 6-9½ 8-9½ 39-42
L 10-12 10-12 43-45
XL 12½-15 12½-15 46-48

S/M 3-9½ 5-10; 35-42
L/XL 10-15 10½-15 43-48
Numbers above represent your corresponding shoe size.
Did I receive two left socks?

All of our socks can be worn on either foot. Our socks are marked with the size on the bottom. If your sock has a colorful “L” on the bottom, that indicates a size Large, not left.


Why are my socks different sizes and/or lengths?

Some variation in the relaxed length is normal and depends on the time that has passed since the socks were knit.  Socks straight from the machine will tend to be a bit longer than socks that were knit a few months ago.  This is due to some residual moisture content in the yarn and a natural “setting” process that occurs with the elastic over time.  The “fitted” size of each sock will contain the same number of stitches along the length.



How do I wash my socks?

Our socks come with the recommended instructions of  “Machine Wash Cold. Tumble Dry Low. No Bleach or Iron.”



When will I receive my order?

All orders ship within 2-3 business days and usually arrive within 3-5 business days depending on the destination. Backlogs can occur during the holiday season or around major product launches. To ensure the best service, please be sure to provide complete, accurate information throughout the checkout process. You will receive a tracking number when your order ships. If you have any questions about your order, please contact us below.


U.S. Ground shipping is too expensive.

We share your concern that the cost is excessive, but that’s what we get charged and we simply can’t defray that cost. 


Shipping to Canada is too expensive.

We agree what our carriers charge us to ship to Canada is high.  We have partnered with Rock Gear Distribution throughout Canada to provide our Canadian consumers better options. View Retailers carrying Swiftwick in Canada.



I would like to return my order.

At Swiftwick, our customers are people, just like us, with different needs and experiences. Our approach to customer service begins with understanding your unique situation and how we can help you as an individual.  Perhaps you need a new size, want to try a different style, or simply need help choosing a pair of socks for an upcoming race. Regardless, we work with you to find a solution. In many cases, we can avoid the hassle of a return or refund altogether. That said, the search engine algorithms require us to outline a few points in case a return and/or refund is necessary.

Please return new, unworn socks that are still in the retail packaging to the store where the original purchase was made. If the socks were purchased at, please complete our short Guarantee Form.

Learn More by visiting our Returns & Refunds page.



Please help me find a retailer.

To find out the dealer closest to you, visit our Dealer Locator.

If you are looking for a particular sock, we recommend reaching out to your local store about their inventory before heading their way!