Find Your Best Sock Cushion

February 27, 2019 2 min read

What's the Right Sock Cushion for You?

While it may come down to personal preference, not all sock cushions are created equal. Depending on your activity, experience and needs, there’s a cushion option to boost any activity or training session.

At Swiftwick, we use high-performance fibers in all of our socks with a wide variety of cushion options, built with Contoured Compression® Fit and Fiber First™ Moisture-Wicking Technology for a perfect fit every time no matter the padding you prefer.

So why does cushion matter? From minimalists who prefer a thinner lining for a responsive feel to comfort-seekers who prefer maximum shock absorption, cushion works with the technology of athletic socks for optimal performance.

Here’s a breakdown to find the best cushion for your lifestyle.


You may think that light, minimal cushion is only made for hot summer months, but many athletes prefer a lighter cushion for its receptive feel. Light, minimal cushion socks are popular amongst cyclists and runners for its ability to conform and work with technical footwear. Many outdoor enthusiasts enjoy ultra light and light hiking socks for the durable fibers, while providing lightweight padding for day hikes year-round.

Our ASPIRE line provides light cushion and firm compression to stabilize muscles and reduce fatigue for running and cycling, while our our PURSUIT™ Ultralight socks are constructed with Natural Merino wool and high-performance, moisture-wicking fibers for hiking.


Designed to cover all of the bases for most activities, medium cushion socks provide added support to the underfoot without compromising compression. The added support provides more shock absorption, but helps hide irregularities in footwear that could cause discomfort.

Medium cushion socks are readily available in a variety of compression levels. Many runners, cyclists and fitness gurus prefer a medium cushion, moderate compression sock to provide needed support that lasts during multiple activities.

Find your perfect medium cushion compression socks with our customized options for fitness, running, cycling, hiking, fitness, golf, and much more. We offer medium cushion options in our VISION™, FLITE XT®, PURSUIT™, and PERFORMANCE lines.


Not just for relaxing at home on the couch, maximum cushion socks are favorites amongst everyday and seasoned athletes alike. Thick cushion on the underfoot and upper channel delivers ultimate shock absorption during activities and provides optimal comfort.

Maximum cushion is ideal for newbies in running and fitness for its capability to absorb heavy impact, while seasoned runners may prefer more cushion for long distances, while still providing breathability. Heavy cushion hiking socks wrap the foot in cushion to protect, wick moisture and provide lasting performance on uneven terrain, perfect for backpacking and mountaineering expeditions.

You can find your best maximum or heavy cushion options with our MAXUS™ plush cushion performance socks for running and fitness, and our PURSUIT™ Hike for heavy cushion during strenuous treks.

While cushion may be a personal preference, we’ve made it easy to find the perfect performance sock for your needs. Shop by your favorite activity or Swiftwick line here.

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