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How to Protect Your Skin During Your Outdoor Adventures

How to Protect Your Skin During Your Outdoor Adventures

It’s officially summer, the season of pool days and road trips. When heading out for a day on the lake, we make sure to pack our sunglasses and sunscreen - but do we do the same when heading out for our morning run or evening bike ride?

Sun protection is important whenever you are spending time outdoors, and not just when you’re in the hot sun or on the water. Here’s why you should don your sun protection before you head out on any summer adventure.

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Sun Damage Is Caused By UV Rays

No matter the weather, there are always risks of sun damage. Whether you’re running under cloud cover or in direct sunlight, you’re exposed to UV rays. Overtime, not only will this affect the appearance of your skin but your overall health. Sun exposure adds up over time and can permanently damage or kill your skin’s cells and raise your risk for skin cancer.  

How To Protect Yourself 

You can start your skin-protecting journey by slipping on clothing that blocks UV rays. Many outdoor companies create lightweight sun-protective clothing. Next, a hat can keep the sun’s rays off your face and chest (where your skin is delicate). Choose a hat with a brim to protect a wider area of your face and neck. Don’t forget to protect your eyes with a pair of UV-blocking sunglasses - not all sunglasses protect you from harmful rays. And, of course, make sure to apply SPF before heading out the door.

Another way to limit UV exposure is to schedule your workouts during the morning or evening when the sun’s rays are less strong. This won’t eliminate UV damage, but it can reduce it. 

What Should You Look For In Your Sunscreen 

If you look at a shelf of sunscreen, you can get overwhelmed by all the numbers. Essentially, the SPF number on sunscreen means how much UVB protection it provides (but no SPF protects you from 100% of sun damage). Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is a great choice for everyday coverage.  

Look for a mineral based sunscreen that creates an immediate physical barrier from UVA/UVB rays, as opposed to a chemical sunscreen. No sunscreen is water or sweatproof, so be sure to reapply frequently during long adventures to keep you protected all day. Read the packaging of your sunscreen to see how often you should reapply. While sunscreen doesn’t block all UV rays, it helps defend your skin from the lasting effects of sun exposure.

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You care about protecting your muscles while running and your head while cycling…now, be sure to protect your body’s largest organ, your skin! Stay healthy and safe this summer with a little sun protection.