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Dave Proctor Breaks TransCanadian Speed Record

by Anneliese Dance September 14, 2022 4 min read

Dave Proctor, an ultra-marathoner, dad, and multi-Guinness World Recorder holder, broke the 31-year-old TransCanadian speed record on July 21st, 2022 in Victoria, British Columbia after 67 days 10 hours, and 27 minutes of running. All 67 days were run in Swiftwick socks.
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How To Choose The Right Sock Cuff Height

by Racheal Hubarth September 14, 2022 2 min read

When you picture a pair of socks, what do you see? Do you think of a standard crew or a pair of no-shows? Maybe a pair of knee-high compression socks come to mind?
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Trail Tour Recap

by Kristen Currey August 29, 2022 5 min read

Most of us dream about driving through the American West and traveling through the National Parks that are sprinkled throughout the mountain ranges and deserts. From the orange hues of Zion National Park to the luminescent rock formations of Bryce Canyon, to the staggering peaks of the Grand Tetons, there are few places in the world that can top the majesty of these national parks.

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How To Keep Your Feet Happy While Trail Running

by Racheal Hubarth August 26, 2022 2 min read

There are socks. And then there are running socks. And then, sure enough, there are trail running socks. The demands of trail running are as unique as the terrain you choose to run on, so the socks you wear need enough support, cushion, and protection to adapt and work with you.
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High-Elevation Hiking

by Kristen Currey August 24, 2022 3 min read

Meet Swiftwick athlete and avid hiker, Lisa Langley (@CAHIKERLIFE) and hear how she prepares for and deals with altitude sickness during high elevation hikes.
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Here's Why Working Out Outside Is Good For Your Mental Health

by Racheal Hubarth August 18, 2022 0 min read

Anyone who exercises regularly knows that frequent strenuous activity can work wonders for physical health. But did you know exercise - especially exercise conducted outside - can work wonders on your mental health as well? It’s true, and the results might just encourage you to get off the treadmill and take your next workout into the great outdoors.
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