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3 Tips For First Time Triathletes from Swiftwick Athlete Pedro Gomes

April 08, 2021 1 min read

3 Tips For First Time Triathletes from Swiftwick Athlete Pedro Gomes

Are you an avid runner or cyclist looking to break into the triathlon sphere? We asked Swiftwick athlete and professional triathlete, Pedro Gomes, to share his tips for first time triathletes. Here are his top three suggestions to get you going!

1. Keep It Simple

You can get easily overwhelmed by all the logistics, training plans, and suggested gear you think you need to have in order to get started. Pedro reminds all first-timers not to worry about buying everything off the bat - you don’t need it all! Once you complete your first triathlon and decide you love the sport, you can invest in new gear and gadgets.

2. Find A Coach

There is a ton of helpful free information online about triathlon training, but once you want to commit to the sport you can greatly benefit from investing in a coach. Coaches are experts who can personalize your training plan and help you reach your goals quickly.

3. Join A Local Triathlon Group

You don’t have to “tri” alone! Having a support network who can motivate you through all three sports and support your improvement can make a big difference in your progress and enjoyment. Pedro says, “Don’t be shy, we triathletes are a very welcoming community.”

Ready to try your hand in triathlons? We can’t wait to cheer you on!

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