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Two Organizations Working To Get Middle Tennessee Youth Outside

April 19, 2021 1 min read

Two Organizations Working To Get Middle Tennessee Youth Outside

Every runner knows it’s the small efforts that add up to big improvements and results. The same goes for conservation and stewardship: getting even one child to become invested in nature can cause them to become a lifelong outdoor advocate.

This Earth Day, we’re celebrating two organizations near and dear to us here in Middle Tennessee that are making a big difference in under-served communities through nature.

Oasis Bike Workshop

This program provides youth with bicycles, safety gear, and maintenance skills through bike-building workshops and their brand new pump track. Through their weekly earn-a-bike program, Oasis Bike Workshop has provided 2,000 of Nashville’s young people with a bike they built and customized themselves. Upon completion of the workshop, each participant leaves with their own bicycle, helmet, lock, lights, toolkit, and a new skill set they can use for transportation or working in a local bike shop. They may also practice their bike skills at the Watkins Pump Track, a safe space to ride and learn in North Nashville.

The Urban Nature Program

Friends of Warner Parks’ Urban Nature Program connects economically disadvantaged youth with nature through activities and camps focused on developing key outdoor skills. Working with kids ages 8-13 in Nashville, they provides programs after school and during the summer to offer an environmental education including overnight camping, nature hikes, wildlife programs, and more. These programs help urban youth feel comfortable being in the outdoors and build a connection with nature that lasts a lifetime.

To learn more about these amazing organizations and Swiftwick’s philanthropic initiatives, click here.

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