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What Your Running Sock Color Says About You

May 17, 2021 2 min read

What Your Running Sock Color Says About You

Do you carefully select your running socks based on your mood or do you pop on the pair that’s on top of your drawer? Either way, the color of your socks says a lot about your personality as a runner. Find the sock color you’re wearing today and see what it says about you!

Black - If you’re sporting socks like the ASPIRE One in Black, you picked these socks out of a very well-organized sock drawer the night before this run so you had your outfit ready to put on first thing in the morning. You’re doing an extra lap today just because you feel like it.

White - Is the all-white, no-show FLITE XT Zero Tab your sock of choice? You’re a clean eater and a clean dresser. You’re not afraid of trying a new route or pushing yourself to set a PR. You’re a force to be reckoned with.

Blue - Maybe ASPIRE Four’s Lagoon Blue colorway is more your style. If so, you smile at other runners who pass you on the trail. You always have good trail snacks and you’re the friend that sends out “hey, want to go on a run?” texts at 6am.

Green - Hey, you with the Olive green MAXUS Zero Tab socks. You’re not afraid of a little mud or a little foul weather. You get after it no matter what mother nature throws at you - you just want to get outside and run.

Pink - Are you rocking the bright Punch FLITE XT Zero Tabs? You’re the motivator in your running group. You have a color-coded training plan and you make really great recovery smoothies.

Yellow - We see you in those Hi-Vis Yellow ASPIRE Sevens. You feel incredibly proud of the running playlist you’ve carefully curated and you swear it makes you just a little bit faster. You prefer to run in the evenings vs. the mornings, and you always bring a headlamp just in case.

Orange - If your socks are orange like our Sedona Orange MAXUS Zero Tab no-shows, you’re competitive deep down but you also make a great running companion. You’re the go-to in your community for pacing races and all your running shirts have bib pin holes in them.

Purple - You stand out with your ASPIRE Zeros in Orchid. You run without music and prefer to hear the sounds of your breath, your feet hitting the ground, and the breeze through the trees around you. You have big plans for future races and you’re going to crush every running goal you set for yourself.

Red - Looking good in your Red ASPIRE Four socks at quarter crew height. You consider running your true passion and you’ve met your very best friends through the running community. You own more running shoes than regular shoes and you definitely have a favorite (and least favorite) energy gel flavor.

No matter what color you choose to wear on your runs, get the most out of your workout with the best socks you will ever wear. Keep chasing adventure!

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