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Feel The Difference With These Specially-Designed Fitness Socks

May 04, 2021 2 min read

Feel The Difference With These Specially-Designed Fitness Socks

For those who push themselves to finish every last rep, who strive to be faster and stronger… meet FLITE XT®. Designed to increase stability so you can get through your toughest workouts, FLITE XT is the most technologically advanced sock you’ll ever slip onto your feet. But what makes it so special?


Here at Swiftwick, we design our socks with high quality, moisture-wicking fibers so you can chase adventure without worrying about blisters, sore spots, or irritation. Our full Olefin fiber footbed in FLITE XT wicks moisture away from your feet and dries quickly, even during the sweatiest of workouts. FLITE XT also features our proprietary GripDry™ Fiber, made up of micro treads to increase surface area, frictional force, and gripping power. What does all this mean for you? Extra grip to keep your feet stable inside your shoes during lateral movements and quick transitions. Cool, right?


Every FLITE XT feature was created with athletes like you in mind. Arch band support adds extra stability in the arch and holds your sock in place, while the Y-shaped heel prevents bunching or slipping during activity. FLITE XT also uses AnkleLock™ Technology to provide targeted support in your ankle for protection and stabilization during quick movements.


Not only is it a high-tech sock that feels good with every wear, FLITE XT looks good, too. In two cuff heights - a no-show and a crew height - every fitness fanatic can be properly supported without sacrificing style. With multiple colors available in Zero Tab and Five inch cuff, you’ll never want to go without a pair in your gym bag.

For runners, crossfit-ers, home workout enthusiasts, golfers, and so many more, FLITE XT is the perfect choice to elevate your performance from the ground up.

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