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Which Compression is Right for You?

February 25, 2019 2 min read

What Compression is Right for You?

When it comes to choosing the best sock for your chosen activity, compression matters. Whether you're looking for more muscle support, comfort or aided recovery, there's a compression sock to fit your needs.

Swiftwick builds support into every pair of socks with ourContoured Compression® Fit, plus Fiber First™ Moisture-Wicking Technology fibers. But we know there's no one-size-fits-all to the comfort you need while chasing adventure, so we design performance socks in a variety of compression options to fit your lifestyle.

What does that mean for your feet? Compression performance socks that support muscles, keep your feet dry and blister-free, with a fit that prevents bunching and falling down for a perfect fit every time.

Which compression level is right for you?


ASPIRE Firm Compression

Firm Compression Socks

The more compression, the more support. Firm compression performance socks are ideal for those who want to stabilize and provide extra muscle support during activities. In higher cuff heights and knee-highs socks, firm compression also aids in recovery during and after long runs, and are popular for long-distance air travel to aid blood flow and circulation.

OurASPIRE™ performance socksoffer firm compression and light cushion for a breathable, responsive feel that stabilizes muscles and reduces fatigue for running and cycling. Even better? These performance socks stay put, keep feet dry and prevent blisters.


FLITE XT Moderate Compression

Moderate or Medium Compression Socks 

Moderate compression provides the performance and fit for just about any activity. It offers a comfortable, medium supported feel that stays put during during activities. It's ideal for when you need added support with a little more cushion in running, cycling, fitness and hiking.

Need options? We offer a wide variety of moderate compression performance socks in ourVISION™, VIBE™, FLITE XT®, PURSUIT™ and PURSUIT™ Hikelines. 


MAXUS Relaxed Compression

Relaxed Compression

Designed for comfort, relaxed compression offers a supported feel with a relaxed fit that comes with the added benefit of heavier cushion options. Relaxed compression is ideal for those who don’t need the tight embrace of more compression, but require more room that still performs. Relaxed compression options are perfect for running and fitness.

SwiftwickMAXUS™ is designed with relaxed compression and plush cushion without compromising fit and performance.


Now that you've found your preferred compression level, you can shop all of our performance socks to mix and match based on how you're chasing adventure every day. Plus, every pair of Swiftwick socks come with our 'Best Sock You Will Ever Wear Guarantee.' That means if you have an issue with any pair of Swiftwick socks, we'll take care of you. 

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