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As The Weather Cools, Choose Merino Wool

October 08, 2021 1 min read

As The Weather Cools, Choose Merino Wool

The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are starting to change. In other words, it’s Merino season! Merino wool socks (as found in our PURSUIT and FLITE XT TRAIL lines) feature all-season comfort that is the choice for many cold-weather adventurers. Ready to find out why?


Wool is already known for warmth - it’s the material in your favorite winter sweaters and the thick blankets you keep by the bed for chilly nights. Merino wool takes wool’s warmth to the next level, with thin fibers that keep warm air near your skin and keep the cold air out.

Moisture Wicking

The only thing worse than cold feet? Wet, cold feet. Merino naturally wicks moisture (sweat, snow, etc) away from your skin to keep your feet dry - even in bad winter weather. With dry and warm feet, you can chase adventure far and wide through the colder months.


You might be thinking, “Isn’t wool itchy and uncomfortable?” The truth is, Merino is unlike your traditional wool. The fibers in Merino are thinner than other wools, allowing it to feel soft against the skin. Merino beats traditional wool socks in the comfort category every time.

Before winter is in full swing, invest in some Merino wool socks for adventures in comfort!

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