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How To Cope When A Race Gets Postponed

September 27, 2021 2 min read

How To Cope When A Race Gets Postponed

You’ve been training for months. Your pace is right on target. You have the race date highlighted on your calendar and you already know the outfit you’re planning to wear to the starting line. But then you get that email: the race has been postponed. Now what?

1. Allow Yourself To Feel

It’s not silly to feel disappointed or angry when something important to you gets postponed. Give yourself space to grieve, and talk it out with other race participants who are feeling the same way. Your reaction to the news is valid, so give yourself permission to feel those emotions.

2. Find The Silver Lining

Once you’ve acknowledged the frustration you’re feeling, now you can look at the flip side to the race getting pushed back. What opportunities does this open up for you? Does it give you more time to reach new training goals? Does it allow you to take some rest days that you’ve earned? Does it mean you’ll feel safer gathering at a later date? Finding a silver lining (or a few) can reinvigorate your excitement about the race and allow you to keep looking ahead to the finish line.

3. Reconfigure Your Schedule

If the race directors have announced the new date, it’s time to relook at your training plan and adjust. This is also a great opportunity to take a look at your training and make any adjustments to what hasn’t been working. Now that the race isn’t happening so soon, you have flexibility to explore new tactics and set new milestones.

While it can be highly frustrating after a long time away from races, postponements can be blessings in disguise. Find us on social media to tell us how you’re dealing with these setbacks and how others can harness them for success.

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