Stay Dry On Your Rainy Spring Runs

Spring has sprung, and with the season of rebirth comes plenty of rain showers. Don’t let precipitation keep your workouts indoors - take a little time to prepare and avoid getting soaked on your adventures.

Close up shot of MAXUS Zero Tab on foot from behind as someone stands on bridge.

Choose Moisture Wicking Fabrics

When there’s a likelihood of getting wet during your workout (from sweat or from the weather), moisture-wicking fabrics are the best choice to keep your skin dry. Choose socks with performance fibers like natural Merino Wool or the innovative Olefin synthetic fiber to pull moisture away from the skin and prevent sores and blisters.

Bring a Lightweight Shell

Spring rainstorms can be finicky. You may head out on a sunny morning run only to be greeted by a torrential downpour by mile three. Invest in a lightweight (but waterproof or water-resistant) shell jacket that you can bring along with you in case the weather turns. Bonus points for breathable fabric or vents to keep you dry on the inside and the outside.

Try Running Gaiters

Chances are you’re not quite as into puddle stomping as you were when you were five. Even if you’re an expert puddle dodger, the impact of your steps on a wet road or trail can create splashes onto your legs and soak into your clothes. Try a lightweight pair of running gaiters to keep your lower legs dry - they slip over the top of your shoes and keep moisture and debris out of the tops of your shoes. Plus, they look high-tech and aerodynamic, so you might just feel like your feet are flying.

Pop On a Hat

When the rain is falling, your head can feel a little naked out there on its own. Get a brimmed, waterproof hat to keep the rain off your face and keep your head from getting soaked and cold. It’s like an umbrella for your head!

Rainy/cloudy day. Woman running down a road.

Spring running is revitalizing after a long winter - and if you can stay dry, you’ll be happily striding for miles.