This is How Running Socks Boost Performance

July 16, 2018 3 min read

This is How Running Socks Boost Performance

A lot has been written about running shoes, stride, gait and the perfect running wardrobe, but without comfortable socks, you’re not going to get very far. Literally.

Yes, Running Socks Make a Difference

Did you know that your socks can make or break your run?

We’ve all taken a turn to negative town at some point on an outing when a blister starts forming. Your feet start telling you that you’re headed to a bad place if you don’t stop and deal with it. That’s when it’s time to throw out that pack of cotton socks and test drive some true technical performance socks that work with your shoes and feet.

At Swiftwick, we’re athletes serving athletes. We put in the miles and do our homework in developing the best technical socks so your feet stay comfortable while you enjoy your runs – well maybe not the hillwork. But besides the discomfort of trying to push a tongue dragging pace, our innovative performance sock features do the work to wick moisture, support your musculature, and cushion every footfall while you run. Now you can chase your PR without thinking about your feet.

3 Ways Socks Will Boost Your Runs

But with all the different types of running choices you have – trail running, road running, obstacle course racing (OCR), ultramarathons – how do you know what kind of socks you need? Here are our top tips for finding the best running socks - we think the best you will ever wear.

1. Dry Feet = More Miles

We construct our socks by carefully selecting high performance fibers that inherently wick moisture. We know that moving moisture away from your skin will greatly reduce the likelihood of chafing, blisters and overheating your feet. Swiftwick socks wick so well, we even put it in our name!

Once we’ve chosen the optimized blend of fibers for a given sock, we then sculpt them into breathable designs to keep your feet dry and comfortable, whether you’re gunning for your local 5k, setting your sights on an Ultra, or anything in between.

2. Compression and Fit

Beyond just wicking, our products offer varying amounts of compression to support the contours of your feet. We know that every runner is different, that’s why we offer many compression options so you can choose what’s right for you: firm, moderate, and relaxed.

The right balance of compression helps support your muscles, keeping your stride intact throughout your runs by lessening fatigue and encouraging proper circulation. This helps prevent injuries, while graduated compression socks help speed recovery when worn post workout by further promoting circulation in the feet and lower legs.

Compression also improves sock fit and works with our wicking fibers to avoid bunching, voids and blisters for comfort throughout every mile. Our running socks also feature a perfect fit every time – so say goodbye to stretched socks after washing.

3. Cushion for Comfort

The amount of cushion you get from wearing socks inside your running shoes can play a huge role in your performance. There are many who like the responsive, minimal feel of the ASPIRE™. But for those who like a thicker footbed to soften footfalls, the MAXUS™ takes the edge off terrain features and ads that next layer of comfort.

The key is to match the level of cushioning to your intended use, personal preference and resulting shoe fit. Test driving socks is the best way to find the right cushion for your various workouts. We offer a variety in maximum, medium and minimum cushions.

Bonus: Sock Height

Socks come in all sizes and lengths, so what’s right for you? No matter what you like, we’ve got you covered. Our socks range from no show and ankle height, great for keeping your feet cool and blister-free on hot days, as well as quarter crew and crew lengths to offer you a little more protection on long, muddy runs or dusty trails. We even offer ASPIRE Twelve knee highs if that’s your style, which offer additional calf support through your OCR.

Chase your PR in The Best Socks You Will Ever Wear, Guaranteed.

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