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Common Sock Complaints And How We Prevent Them

September 10, 2021 2 min read

Common Sock Complaints And How We Prevent Them

We get it - not all socks are created equal. There are certainly some socks that don’t stand up to the test of marathons, gym sessions, or long days on the trail. We created our performance socks out of a need for high-quality socks that didn’t have the problems that other socks were giving us while we were chasing adventure. Here’s how we’ve engineered our socks to stand the test of time and avoid the common complaints other socks receive.


The biggest complaint when it comes to poorly performing socks: blisters. They hurt, they impede your performance, and they make your sport a lot less enjoyable. Thankfully, our socks have features to prevent blisters: first, our Contoured Compression® Fit that keeps the sock snug to your foot to reduce friction. Next, our Fiber First® Moisture Wicking removes moisture from the surface of the skin and lets it evaporate away - keeping your skin dry and free of hot spots. No more blisters!

Sliding Down

Is there anything more frustrating than a sock that slides down your foot and bunches up in your shoe? We didn’t think so. We created our socks with a Y-shaped heel that creates a snug fit to keep your sock in place./p>

Toe Friction

Darn you, toe seams! Ordinary socks have a big seam across the top of the toe area. This can cause discomfort, friction, and even blisters in running shoes or any athletic shoe. Our seamless toe box removes this problem - leaving your toes feeling fancy free.


You can put down the needle and thread - our socks are constructed with a high-density knit that provides comfort and durability. Plus, eliminating friction spots reduces the amount of wear in key areas of your sock, leaving them hole-free for longer.

Slipping In Your Shoes

When engaging in quick-movement workouts, it can be a pain if your feet are slipping and sliding inside your shoe. Our proprietary GripDry™ Fiber increases surface area, frictional force and gripping power at the footbed - a lot of fancy words to mean that you’ll have extra grip where you need it, when you need it.

Take a deeper dive into our sock technology here and keep chasing adventure!

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