6 Signs It's Time To Get New Performance Socks

If you’re an active person, we’re willing to bet you have a few pairs of running, hiking, or cycling socks in your drawer of questionable age and origin (have you had those socks since high school? Since Christmas ‘98? Since before your 17-year-old could talk?).

We’re all about getting as many wears as possible from your performance gear, but sooner or later you’re better off replacing worn-out gear. Thankfully, Swiftwick socks are built to last through years of active use by even the most avid recreationalists - that’s why they’re the best socks you will ever wear, guaranteed. When it comes to the rest of the socks in your collection, here are a few signs it might be time to retire your oldest pairs and invest in a fresh pair of durable performance socks.

Man riding mountain bike through path.
  • Stretching- not all sock fibers are as elastic as others after years of wear and tear. When your well-worn compression socks start to feel loose, they aren’t benefiting your athletic performance. You can help prevent this from occurring by taking proper care of your socks when laundering - check out our blog on how to do that here. But if your socks aren’t fitting like they used to, it’s time to trade them in for a new pair that supports your feet with every wear.
  • Holes - if your socks lack reinforced construction, years and years of friction can wear them down in key areas - causing sores and blisters. If you’re seeing holes in the heels, toes, or soles of your old socks, it’s time to retire them for a new pair.
  • Sliding Down - if your sock is having trouble staying put during your workout, it’s nearing the end of its career. From ankle-height to no-show socks, you shouldn’t be experiencing slippage when on the run. Invest in a new pair with contoured compression fit so they stay put all day long.
  • Color Fading - color fading can be an indicator of aging threads that may be on their last legs (prevent color fading with proper washing!). If you’re noticing your socks aren’t as brightly colored as they used to be, swap them out for a fresh pair.
  • Stubborn Smell - fibers that don’t wick moisture away from your feet can leave a stench in your socks over time. If you can’t get the stink out of a pair no matter how much you wash, your old socks might be a hopeless cause. Trust us, you’re better off without them.
  • Singleness - if it’s been 3 years since your sock has seen its pair, it’s probably not going to find it. Save that sock for a puppet show or golf club sleeve and get yourself a new, matching pair.
Man riding a bike down a winding gravel path on the side of a mountain.

If your old socks are letting you down, you’re probably ready for an upgrade. You don’t have to toss them in the trash - your veteran socks can find new life as whiteboard erasers, bike washing rags, potpourri sachets for your closet, or booties for your trail dog. Once you’ve opened up space in your sock drawer, try a new pair of Swiftwick socks and feel the difference a durable, high-performance pair can make!