Why Do Dogs Make Great Adventure Partners?

Why Do Dogs Make Great Adventure Partners? 

Workouts are made easier when you have someone to share them with, but other adventurous friends can be hard to coordinate with on a regular basis. We’re here to tell you that the best adventure partner may not be a human at all - it could be four legged and furry. Here’s why dogs make the greatest workout sidekicks! 

Woman sitting next to dog at camp site.

They’re Good Motivation 

Dogs need exercise. And when you have a dog that needs exercise, you’re more likely to get exercise alongside them - and less likely to shrug off your afternoon run to lay on the couch instead. Having a dog can encourage you to get out into fresh air more often, since your treadmill run won’t tire out your pup. If you find yourself feeling less than motivated, a canine friend can help get you out the door. 

They Have the Best Attitude 

Unlike other workout partners, a dog will rarely complain about an opportunity to run around the park. They’ll greet you with a smile and a wag and never cancel on you at the last second. 

They Can Offer Protection 

It depends on the breed, but running with a dog can make you safer than running alone. The presence of a pup can ward off animals or nefarious passers-by, so many adventurers choose to bring their dogs along for added safety.

They’re Down With Your Plans 

No pup has ever said, “I don’t like that trail, I think we should hike this one instead.” An adventurous dog is up for anything, as long as they get to do it with you. Can you say that about your other workout buddies? 

Woman riding bike with dog running next to her.

Whenever you are looking to bring your furry pal along with you, always be sure to check ahead that dogs are allowed and be sure to bring water for them and tools to clean up any messes. If you’re in need of a new addition to your adventure crew, consider adopting a canine friend to accompany you on the trail and at home. You’ll have a loyal partner for years to come.