How To Keep Your Feet Happy While Trail Running

How To Keep Your Feet Happy While Trail Running

There are socks. And then there are running socks. And then, sure enough, there are trail running socks. The demands of trail running are as unique as the terrain you choose to run on, so the socks you wear need enough support, cushion, and protection to adapt and work with you.

But what exactly makes a sock perfect for the trails?

Close up from the shins down with quarter crew wool socks on.

Moderate Compression

The unique terrain of trail running requires certain sock features. The best socks will support your muscles while running on uneven surfaces without uncomfortably squeezing your feet. A moderate compression sock, like VIBE™ or PURSUIT™, hugs your feet as they flex and move, supporting your arch and keeping you comfortable all day long.

Medium Cushion

The uneven footing and variable terrain encountered while trail running calls for a little cushion in your footbed. VIBE™ is the Goldilocks of cushion, (not too thick, not too thin) and fits comfortably into any technical shoe. You’ll feel gentle shock absorption with every step - getting you back to the trailhead in no time.


There’s nothing worse than getting a blister when you’re miles into the woods. If you’re heading out on the trail, you need socks with proper moisture-wicking technology to keep your feet dry, cool and comfortable... even on hours-long excursions. Every Swiftwick sock features moisture-wicking technology, so you’ll be blissfully blister-free.

Cuff Height

It’s up to personal preference, but many trail runners prefer a taller cuff height than the classic no-show. A Quarter-Crew or Crew cuff height can protect the ankles from brush and prevent stray pebbles from slipping into your shoes.

Someone with their foot on a tree branch, pulling their sock up.

If you find yourself with blisters, discomfort, or socks that slip, try upgrading your trail socks and experience the Swiftwick difference.