Essential Safety Gear For Winter Running

Essential Safety Gear For Winter Running 

Freezing temperatures and shorter days don’t have to keep you from getting after it. When heading outside for a winter run, you have to make some changes to your typical routine: adding calories to your pre-workout fueling to keep warm, drinking extra liquids, and taking extra time to stretch out and warm up your muscles. These adjustments let your body adapt to its environment  

But beyond lifestyle changes, there are also some extra pieces of gear you should pick up when venturing out for a run in the cold. Here are our favorite wardrobe additions for winter adventuring. 

Woman running on trail and stepping in puddle.

Reflective Vest

Bad weather and dark days come with the winter season. If you’re running near a roadway, invest in a reflective vest to catch the attention of drivers as they pass you. A visible runner is a safe runner! 

Clip-On Lights 

Winter days are shorter, which means it’s more likely at least part of your run may be in the dark. Stand out in the shadows with some LED lights to show passersby where you are and ensure you are visible. A headlamp can also be a smart carry-along piece of gear to make sure you can see where you’re going if you end your run later than planned. 


In cold weather, your extremities get colder as your body focuses on warming your core. Gloves are great for covering up the last of your exposed skin and are easily stowed away in a pocket if you get too warm. 

Wicking Socks 

Unless it’s truly chilly, winter runs often involve some sort of slush. To keep your feet from getting wet and then cold, choose moisture-wicking socks to keep the wetness away from your skin as you go. 

Traction Cleats 

When your running surface gets icy, the risk for injury increases immensely. Having a pair of traction cleats on hand to attach to your running shoes can help prevent slips and falls. Remember, even if it’s sunny and above freezing, ice can be lurking in shadowy areas! 

Man and woman running on road.

Staying safe is the biggest priority when adventuring outside, no matter the weather. Adding this gear to careful route choice and slower warmups can prevent injuries and regrets. What’s your favorite piece of safety gear?