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Fibers come first at Swiftwick and they define how we make socks. We carefully select high-performance fibers that inherently move moisture rather than treating fibers with chemicals. We call this approach Fiber FirstTM Moisture Wicking and it is one of our core principles.
  • Olefin fiber is a key ingredient in many of our socks and might be a name that rings a bell for you. It’s used in a number of consumer products besides socks because of a host of great properties. It’s a material that’s stain, mildew and perspiration resistant. As well, it’s very lightweight and comfortable against the skin, and the fibers are exceptionally strong. Maybe most important, it displays exceptional wicking abilities.
  • Polyester is a high volume fiber typically used to create a plush feel. Swiftwick uses structurally modi­fied derivatives of polyester to achieve various performance benefits like the maximum cushioning in our Maxus socks.
  • Nylon is a synthetic fiber that’s got a well-earned reputation for being one of the toughest materials available. That’s exactly why we use nylon to reinforce our socks and make them incredibly durable. Carefully optimizing the amount and placement of nylon in our socks to match their intended use helps us walk the fine line of delivering a product that is both rugged and high performing.