Referral Program Terms & Conditions

Swiftwick may, from time to time, offer our customers and website users the opportunity to receive rewards toward future purchases by referring real people to our site. This program is enabled by technology provided by Friendbuy, Inc. ("Platform Provider").

As a Refer-a-Friend ("Referral Program") member (a “Referrer”), you are subject to Swiftwick's Terms of Use and Swiftwick's Privacy Policy (both available on our website), as well as the following additional Terms & Conditions for Swiftwick’s Refer-a-Friend program:



  • Referrer. A "Referrer" is a real person who refers other real people to to make a purchase. To participate as a Referrer, visit Swiftwick's Refer-a-Friend Program here. There is no limit to the number of real people a Referrer can refer, For every "Qualified Referral" a Referrer will be eligible to receive a "Referral Reward".
  • Friend. A "Friend" is a real person who visits by clicking your Refer-A-Friend link provided through the Program Platform and embedded into an email, SMS, social post, or other form of communication. The Referrer and the Friend cannot be the same person (for example, using different email addresses). A Friend will receive 25% off a single online purchase on The purchase discount is only eligible on and only eligible on the Friend's first ever purchase on The discount excludes 3-packs, clearance items, stickers, and eGift Cards.

  • Qualified Referral. A Qualified Referral is defined as a purchase made at by a person (a "Referred Customer") who arrives to our website by clicking your Refer-a-Friend program link. You are limited to one Qualified Referral for each Friend; in other words, additional/repeat purchases made by a Friend are not counted as additional Qualified Referrals. You will not be rewarded for referring existing customers, meaning it must be your friends first purchase from Referrals are limited to one customer per household, meaning the real friend you refer must live outside your household.

  • Reward. ”Reward"(s) are only earned after referring a Qualified Referral. The Referrer will receive one (1) Reward toward a future purchase at Reward coupons are for $10 off a $15 purchase. Referrers are only eligible for a single Reward per Qualified Referral, in other words any additional or subsequent purchases made by the Friend will not be counted as Qualified Referrals and no additional Reward(s) will be given. A Qualified Referral does not include purchases on gift cards, clearance or closeout merchandise, accessories, or purchases cancelled within 24 hours. Swiftwick, in its sole discretion, has the right to determine whether or not a Qualified Referral has been made based on these Terms & Conditions.

  • Special Promotions. From time to time Swiftwick may run short-term promotional offers to Referrers and/or Friends that change the Referral Reward for a Qualified Referrals. These changes to the program are at the sole discretion of Swiftwick and are valid only during the period of the time and for the offer amount disclosed during the promotional period. You will not be eligible for any temporary promotional Referral Rewards outside of the shared terms of that promotion or the terms outlined here.

  • Eligibility. Eligibility is limited to individuals only (these are real people not businesses, corporations, or organizations). You must be at least 18 years old to participate. You must be able to provide personal information to Swiftwick, (e.g. your name, email, mailing address) that will be retained by Swiftwick in accordance with their Privacy Policy. Employees of Swiftwick their subsidiaries, affiliates, agencies, immediate family and household members are not eligible to participate in the Program. Referrers will receive one (1) Referral Reward per Qualified Referral.

  • No Spam. You must comply with all up-to-date “SPAM” laws. For example, emails must be created and distributed in a personal manner and bulk email distribution is strongly discouraged. Any distribution of your referral link that could constitute unsolicited commercial email or "spam" under any applicable law or regulation is expressly prohibited and will be grounds for immediate termination of your account and exclusion from Swiftwick's Refer-a-Friend program.

  • Right to Close Accounts. Swiftwick reserves the right to close the account(s) of any Referrer and/or Friend and to request proper payment if the Referrer and/or Friend attempts to use the Swiftwick's Refer-a-Friend Program in a questionable manner or breaches any of these Terms & Conditions or is in violation of any law, statute or governmental regulation.

  • Right to Cancel Program or Change Terms. Swiftwick reserves the right to cancel the Refer-a-Friend Program or to change these Terms & Conditions at any time in its sole discretion. Any unclaimed referral rewards will be forfeited at that time. Rewards are credits to and are not the equivalent of cash or eligible for cash reimbursement.

  • Privacy. The personal information of each Referrer and Friend will be collected, processed, and used in accordance with Swiftwick's Privacy Policy (found on the website) and the Platform Provider's Privacy Policy, which can be found at In addition, personal information may be used by Swiftwick or the Platform Provider, on Swiftwick's behalf, to contact any Referrer or Friend with regard to participating in the Referral Program and to received communication about the Referral Program.