Our Business is Based on Three Principles:


We believe we sell more than socks. We relentlessly pursue performance so you can experience life's adventures.

Our story began on the trails when a mountain bike racer saw the need for a high-performance sock with superior moisture wicking and incredible fit. Today, we are an international brand with performance socks for running, cycling, hiking and other adventures. We remain a group of athletes developing exceptional products for the activities we love. We share your passion for an active lifestyle and are committed to making the best socks you will ever wear. Wherever you chase adventure, our goal is to help you get there.


We commit to providing the best socks you will ever wear, sustainably produced in the USA.


Swiftwick Best Socks You Will Ever Wear Guarantee

We are committed to providing each customer the best experience possible. If you are unsatisfied with a Swiftwick product, reach out to us and we will take care of you.

Swiftwick Sustainability

Four sustainability principles drive our decision making: producing durable products that last, manufacturing in the USA to reduce garment miles, choosing materials and processes that minimize waste and energy consumption and finding uses for scrap materials to reduce our waste stream.

Swiftwick Made In USA

We believe being Made in the USA results in better quality products with access to the latest technology. Perhaps the most rewarding element is the impact on our local community through job creation for American workers. Best of all, we know the people involved in our product from start to finish.


Swiftwick socks provide a critical performance link between you and your technical footwear.

Every style is designed and crafted to bring more enjoyment to your chosen activity by focusing on the following fundamentals:

Swiftwick Fiber First Moisture Wicking FIBER FIRST™ MOISTURE WICKING

We carefully select high performance fibers that inherently move moisture. These fibers are sculpted into breathable designs to keep you dry.

Swiftwick Contoured Compression Fit CONTOURED COMPRESSION® FIT

Our goal is a perfect fit every time, so you can perform at your best, regardless of your chosen activity. All of our socks are designed to support the contours of your foot, which means no voids, bunching, or blisters.


Our team empowers life’s adventures through thoughtful design, superior craftsmanship and a continuous passion to help others do what moves them.


Our Customers

We believe our customers thrive by achieving their personal best — whether walking a 5k or racing on the world stage.

Our Products

We unapologetically create the best products through relentless attention to design, development and detail.

Our Manufacturing

We pride ourselves on sustainably producing durable products in the USA.

Our Team

We are a team of athletes serving athletes with a shared passion for a fun, active lifestyle.

Our Approach

We conduct ourselves with an overriding sense of service to customers, our partners, each other and our community.