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Merino Wool vs. Synthetic Fibers - What's The Difference?

July 19, 2021 2 min read

Merino Wool vs. Synthetic Fibers - What's The Difference?

Outdoor folks take their technical materials very seriously - as do we. We are committed to crafting socks with high-quality fibers that perform at their best with every wear. We offer both synthetic fibers and natural Merino wool in our sock lines, as both provide exceptional performance. What’s the difference between the two? Read on to find out.

Synthetic Fiber Benefits

We use a combination of synthetic fibers in our non-Merino wool socks. First, our signature Olefin fibers have hydrophobic properties, wicking moisture away from your feet and keeping your skin dry throughout your run, hike, or bike ride. It’s also resistant to stains and mildew, plus its lightweight profile keeps you comfortable. Beyond Olefin, we use a high-performance polyester that provides an extra-plush feel to our most cushioned performance sock MAXUS. Lastly, nylon is an extremely tough and durable material that is used in most of our lines to create socks that withstand the toughest of adventures.

Merino Wool Benefits

Natural Merino wool breaks the mold of the typical scratchy, hot wool socks and sweaters of your childhood. Merino is incredibly soft against your skin, making it a perfect material for socks. Merino also moves moisture extremely well, wicking sweat away from your feet. It keeps your feet warm in cold weather by creating a warm air barrier - and in hot weather, it cools your feet by evaporating moisture away from the skin. And did we mention Merino has antibacterial properties to prevent stinky feet? That’s all-season performance in a sustainable, comfortable package.

No matter what fiber you prefer, we’ve got you covered with socks that won’t let you down. Check out our sock lines and find your best fit!

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