Your Guide To Running Socks

There are endless types of runners out there: triathletes, marathoners, trail runners, joggers, treadmill enthusiasts, and those who just run for fun - to name a few. And while there are so many different types of runners, there’s also a variety of running socks. So how do you choose the running sock that’s right for you? 

Use this guide when shopping for new running socks to discover your perfect pair. With the ideal socks on your feet, you’ll be sure to hit your stride. 

Woman sitting on a rock, tying shoes.


For the long distance crushers: ASPIRE is here to help reduce fatigue and keep you going for longer. With firm compression to encourage blood flow, ASPIRE can get you to the finish line. Available in six cuff heights so you can find a pair that fits all of your runs.  


This sock will make you feel like you’re running on clouds. MAXUS features relaxed compression and maximum cushion - it doesn’t get more comfortable than that. MAXUS is preferred by runners who frequently run on unforgiving surfaces, like pavement, or those who prefer gentle shock-absorption with every step. If your current running socks just don’t feel plush enough, MAXUS may be for you! Available in two cuff heights.


Cross-fitters and cross-trainers love FLITE XT. These socks are specially designed for stability and packed with tech features. Innovative anti-slip fibers grip to your shoes. If you’re a quick sprinter, fitness fanatic, or you prefer more control under your feet, FLITE XT is perfect for you. Available in two cuff heights. 


High performance features in eye-catching designs - it must be VISION we’re talking about. From the starting line to the neighborhood path, VISION is a favorite for runners who feel good when they look good. VISION offers patterns in every style with moderate compression and medium cushion for all-day comfort. Available in three cuff heights. 


Our socks built specifically for trail runners, VIBE combines moderate compression with medium cushion for support and protection on uneven terrain. Versatility is the name of the game with VIBE: if you’re the kind of runner that seeks out the unexpected, these socks are for you. Available in three cuff heights to suit your needs, VIBE can’t wait to accompany you to the trailhead! 


Last but certainly not least, PURSUIT, our soft wool socks. PURSUIT is made with natural Merino Wool, providing all-season comfort with excellent moisture wicking. For runners who head out every day, rain or shine (or snow, sleet, or blizzard), PURSUIT can be the ultimate partner when the weather is unpredictable. Available in six cuff heights and an Ultralight option for a barely there feeling. 

Man and woman running across bridge.

Every running sock from Swiftwick is designed to wick moisture and provide ultimate comfort for your feet. When you find the features that align with your running style, you won’t want to take them off!