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Why You Should Work Out With Your Significant Other

Why You Should Work Out With Your Significant Other

A lot of couples avoid working out with each other, no matter how long they’ve been together. Whether you’re nervous about keeping up with one another or showing weakness, we’re here to convince you to celebrate this Valentine’s day with a tandem workout.

Two women riding bikes along a trail.

1. Extra Motivation

If you’re currently feeling stuck in your comfort zone, a workout with your significant other can push you to the next level. The person that knows us best can also motivate us to be our best - so bring your partner along next time you head to the gym.

2. Easier Wake Up Call

If you live with your significant other, making a pact to head to the gym in the morning can make it easier to avoid snoozing the alarm. An added bonus of heading to your workout together: you can carpool and avoid the morning parking struggle (and leave less impact on the environment).

3. More Quality Time

In our digital age, many couples find little time to unplug and engage in meaningful quality time. Instead of another time spent apart, the gym can be your excuse to get more one-on-one time in (and you’ll never have to ask a stranger to spot you again).

4. Trust Building

Training can involve some of a person’s highest highs and lowest lows. Instead of going through those ups and downs alone, your partner can provide feedback, support, and counsel during your tough times. Nothing builds a relationship like weathering emotional storms, and those big wins are even more special with someone to share in your joy.

5. Good Vibes

Exercise releases endorphins, a hormone that induces feelings of happiness. When you’re working out alongside someone you love, you’ll be getting double the good feelings, both in your brain and in your heart.

Man and woman running down a cross walk in a city.

This Valentine’s Day, try starting your morning off with a couple’s workout. You might find you enjoy it and feel energized for the rest of the day.