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Why Should You Try A Virtual Race

Why Should You Try A Virtual Race 

COVID-19 has cancelled thousands of in-person events, including races across the world. Avid racers are feeling the loss of the opportunity to achieve their training goals and finding it harder to stay motivated without a finish line to work toward.

Enter virtual races: more and more race organizations are launching competitions that can be joined from the comfort of your living room or local trail. From marathons like Boston to bike races like Breck Epic, there are opportunities to race from home on two feet or two wheels. You can find an online race in your local community or search for Peloton, Zwift, or Strava competitions to suit your needs. Still unsure about signing up? Here’s why you should consider entering one of these virtual races this year.

Man and woman running down bridge with lake in the background.


Races often involve travel, and with travel comes stress. You’re fighting swelling on airplanes, dealing with time zone changes, and trying to keep up your nutrition while heading into a big event - extra distractions that can hinder your performance. With a virtual race, you can participate from your comfort zone: your local trail, your backyard, or your favorite bike path. And even better, family and friends can cheer you on and greet you at the (virtual) finish with take-out food from your favorite local restaurant.


Without Boston or your Iron Man to look forward to, you might feel a struggle to keep up your training regimen for an uncertain future. Signing up for a virtual race gives you something to work towards and allows you to test your fitness and see how far you’ve come. It’s easier to head out on your 5 a.m. run when you have a marathon to prepare for… and now that you can join in a race from anywhere in the world, there’s nothing holding you back.


When racing in a virtual race, you can block out the competition. You’re not going to get sucked into chasing someone who passes you when you’re the only one on the trail. This allows you to stay focused on your goals and compete against your biggest challenger: yourself. 


Let’s face it, flexibility is the name of the game these days. With kids at home and schedules rearranged, racing isn’t your only priority. Many virtual events allow you to participate over a few days whenever the timing is right for you. Prefer to get your marathon in during the evening? You can with a virtual race!

Close up of a man's foot. He's tying his shoe on the ground.

With the technology now available, race culture and community can be found anywhere you look. Grab your Swiftwick socks and challenge yourself to a virtual competition this summer!