What Makes Merino Wool So Special?

If you live an active lifestyle, you’ve probably heard about the wonders of Merino wool. But do you know why this fiber is so remarkable? We choose Merino wool in some of our socks because there are some incredible natural properties that make it special.

Where Does Merino Come From?

Merino sheep! Merino wool is nature’s original technical fiber and has evolved through generations of careful breeding into the fine wool we have today. Unlike many lab-created fibers, Merino wool is all natural and renewable.

Temperature Regulating

One of Merino wool’s best performance qualities is its temperature regulating abilities. Natural Merino wool socks like those in our PURSUIT and PURSUIT HIKE series keep you comfortable through four seasons of adventures. Merino wool insulates feet and provides warmth in cold weather while creating a cooling sensation and releasing heat in hot weather. Don’t keep these socks in your drawer until winter comes - they’re the perfect option for year-round wear.

Super Soft

This isn’t your grandmother’s wool. You might know wool as an uncomfortable and itch-inducing material, but Merino wool is the total opposite. Buttery soft and super comfortable, Merino wool can be worn against the skin all day long without irritation. And that makes it the perfect material for a sock, if we may say so ourselves.

Keeps You Dry

Merino wool has a unique fiber structure that absorbs and releases moisture without leaving you feeling soggy or freezing your feet. This is due to the superior wicking abilities of Merino wool, keeping moisture away from your skin so your feet stay dry at all stages of your workout, no matter the weather.

No Stinky Feet

Not only does Merino wool keep your feet dry and happy, it also prevents stubborn odors. Its antibacterial properties keep the funk at bay for even the most active wearers. If you’re the type that procrastinates unpacking after a camping trip or forgets to clean out the gym bag every now and then, Merino wool is a good choice for you.

If you’re looking for a super-soft all-weather sock option to add to your repertoire, try the Natural Merino wool in our PURSUIT or PURSUIT HIKE line and feel the difference of natural moisture wicking technology.