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What Makes A Perfect Hiking Sock?

What Makes A Perfect Hiking Sock?

When preparing for a hike, you lay out the essentials: backpack, water bottle, hiking boots, snacks. But wait - did you pack your hiking socks?

If you tend to hike in your everyday socks, it’s likely your feet experience common hiking issues like blisters, sores, excess moisture, and discomfort. It’s hard to enjoy the summit while your feet suffer, but we have a solution: PURSUIT™ HIKE socks to keep you dry and comfortable from start to finish.

Man running in the mountains.

The Material

How do we make the driest hiking sock in its class? With a proprietary blend of synthetic Olefin fibers and natural Merino Wool. This power duo combines for exemplary durability and dryness - which equals blister-free bliss whenever you head out on the trail.

Merino Magic

Move over cotton, Merino Wool is in the building. This renewable fiber is all-natural and has incredible temperature regulating qualities. Merino is often called a four-season material, due to its ability to keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. So whether you’re headed out on a sweaty August trek or a snowy February adventure, these socks keep your feet dry and comfortable. 

Eliminates Hot Spots 

Blisters are a hiker’s worst enemy. PURSUIT HIKE is specially designed to reduce the risk of blisters by wicking away moisture from your feet. This eliminates the wet, warm environment where blisters form. The moleskin in your pack will start to get lonely when it realizes you don’t need it anymore (but your toes and heels will thank you). 

Cushion Options

Not everyone prefers the same sock style on their adventures. That’s why PURSUIT HIKE comes in two cuff heights (Six and Eight) and three cushion options (Light, Medium, and Heavy) - so every hiker can enjoy the benefits of the most comfortable hiking sock around.

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If you prefer happy toes to painful blisters, investing in high-quality hiking socks is the choice for you. Trust us, happy feet make a world of difference on mile 12.