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Try These Sock Drawer Organization Tips

Try These Sock Drawer Organization Tips 

Would you rather run a 50k than organize your dresser? If your sock drawer looks more like a laundry basket than a storage area, you may benefit from these tips and tricks. Soon you’ll be looking forward to picking out your socks and revel in satisfaction every time you put on that perfect pair. 

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Pair Before You Put Away 

We know, putting away laundry is last on the to-do list. But pairing up your socks before they go into the drawer can save you time and frustration when you’re getting dressed in a hurry. Plus, you get to keep tabs on how active the "dryer thief" is. 

Roll Your Pairs 

There are many schools of thought in sock folding, and surprisingly many hours of YouTube videos on the subject. Whether you tuck one sock inside the other, roll the two socks up together, or fold stacked socks in half and in half again, this practice will prevent your sock drawer from becoming a sock pile. 

Don’t Cover Socks With Socks 

What does that mean? Don’t create multiple layers of socks within your drawer. When you open the drawer, you want to be able to see all your options. If you have layers of socks stacked on top of each other, you’ll have trouble finding those exact black socks you’re looking for. Get them all out in the open for easy choosing. 

Create Rows By Cuff Height, Activity, or Color 

Most of us have a range of socks, from crew height to no-shows. When you’re searching for a specific sock for a certain activity, find what you need faster by separating your socks by height, the sport you use them for, or their color. Keep the taller calf-height socks on the left, with ankle socks toward the right, or organize your socks in rainbow order. Make mornings fun! 

Try a Drawer Organizer 

If simplicity is your thing, invest in a drawer organizer (or make one yourself with slats of cardboard). When each sock pair gets its own slot, it’s easy to find a pair and easy to put away laundry. 

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Stop sweating your sock drawer organization and start loving the process of picking out your favorite pair with these helpful tips!