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Try These Hacks to Keep Up With Your Workouts While Traveling for the Holidays

Try These Hacks to Keep Up With Your Workouts While Traveling for the Holidays

With the holiday season comes traveling, and traveling can throw a wrench in your training plan or workout schedule. With a little effort and some flexibility, you can stay on top of your fitness habits while venturing across the country or just a few towns away.

Man and woman riding bikes down a paved road with a tree nearby.

Break Up The Trip

Traveling often involves being stuck in a vehicle for hours at a time. Whether it’s a train, plane, or car, getting up and moving regularly can do wonders for your body. Walk down the airplane aisle once every hour or so to get your blood circulating, and stop the car to stretch/jog/do jumping jacks/cartwheel every few hours. Your body will thank you, and you’ll feel less lagged in the days afterward.

Find A Gym

When you’re away from your home gym, there are still some options - especially in larger cities. Many areas offer public access gyms, as do local colleges and universities. Try to find a city website for mention of public access gyms or ask a hotel concierge. Other options include day rates at gyms around town - call around to see who offers daily or weekly rates where you can hit the treadmill. Or check out apps like Classpass or MindBody to find fitness classes near you and their drop-in rates. Being in a new city is the perfect excuse to try a new workout without the commitment of a monthly pass.

If All Else Fails

If you can’t find a gym or don’t want to splurge (but still want some alone time to get a workout in), there are still options. Some easy-to-pack options for makeshift workouts include TRX straps, resistance bands, or lightweight dumbbells. If you’re already at your destination and you didn’t bring any supplies, try bodyweight exercises. Track down the nearest park where you can run laps, lunge between trees, or do pullups on the playground monkey bars. Remember, hotel furniture, park benches, and outdoor staircases are all great options for makeshift exercise equipment. The world is your gym!

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While there are many ways to get your blood pumping when traveling away from home, don’t stress about missing a workout or one day of training. Spending quality time with family and soaking up the holiday spirit is always important - your running shoes will be waiting tomorrow.