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Move Over, Resolutions... Try A New Year

Move Over, Resolutions... Try A New Year's Bucket List 

If we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s to expect the unexpected. Many of us probably found our resolutions a little harder to achieve this year than we originally thought - whether we planned to enter a certain number of races, visit a specific part of the world, or attend the gym a certain amount of times. This year, give yourself some things to look forward to with a New Year’s Bucket List to check off as you adventure through 2021. 

Man and woman running together on a bridge.

What’s A New Year’s Bucket List? 

Instead of setting one specific goal to achieve for the next year, a New Year’s Bucket List is a collection of achievements you wish to celebrate throughout the year. With a NYBL, you can stay flexible when life changes - for example, instead of the goal of “run the Boston marathon,” you might have “try a virtual race,” “run a new trail,” and “enter a triathlon.” A bucket list format allows for you to achieve firsts and big wins, no matter what the next year throws at you.  

Adventurous Bucket List Items To Get You Started 

  • Take up ________ [insert a new sport or activity you haven’t tried]
  • Watch a sunrise
  • Sleep in a tent
  • Hike a trail you've never been on 
  • Take a virtual workout class 
  • Break one bad habit 
  • Swim in freshwater 
  • Visit a national park 
  • Call a friend you haven’t seen in a while 
  • Exercise _____ days per week 
  • Join an online group for your sport 
  • Take a day trip you’ve been putting off 
  • Get a massage 
  • Learn a new recipe 
  • Volunteer at a community organization 
  • Add your own! 

How To Stay Accountable 

As you progress throughout the year, use your bucket list to plan your adventures or to get inspired for the weekend. If you find yourself crossing off your items too quickly, add some more! Make it a goal to check off a certain number of items each month or one item per week. Or, to keep yourself motivated, create your list with a friend and check off your items together! 

Woman swinging golf club.

With a list of adventures for 2021, you’ll be headed into the new year with something to look forward to and goals to achieve.