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This Is The Most Comfortable Running Sock You

This Is The Most Comfortable Running Sock You'll Ever Wear

Running is often associated with words like speed, tenacity, and endurance… it’s less often associated with the word “comfort.” We’re here to change that with MAXUS, our most cushioned sock that doesn’t skimp on performance features. Go farther, run longer, and feel the bliss mile after mile. 

Close up of shoes and socks on person standing.

Ultimate Cushion 

MAXUS features our plushest footbed to deliver maximum comfort whenever your foot strikes the ground. Don’t worry about this feature causing excess sweat - MAXUS uses fibers that wick moisture 40% better than competitive materials. This minimizes blisters and maximizes comfort. 

Relaxed Compression 

We also packed our signature compression performance into a relaxed, comfortable fit in MAXUS Zero Tab and MAXUS One. These socks gently hug the contours of your feet without slipping, bunching, or sliding around. For folks who stray from high compression socks, you’ll love the soft feel and fit.  

Excellent Construction 

On top of the benefits of cushion and compression, MAXUS also features innovative construction to make it as comfortable as possible. A seamless toe box eliminates friction, arch band support keeps the shape of your sock on long runs, and the y-shaped heel creates a snug fit around the curve of your heel to prevent slipping. The micro tab feature on MAXUS Zero Tab prevents contact between your Achilles and the back of your shoe, reducing hot spots and blisters. All these features combine to keep you comfortable, wherever you roam. 

Woman stretching on a yoga mat.

For runners looking for a little more comfort in each stride, MAXUS is the perfect sock of choice. If plush cushion isn’t what you’re looking for, check out our full line of running socks here.