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The Sustainable Nature Of Merino Wool

The Sustainable Nature Of Merino Wool

Merino Wool gets high praises from active communities for its supreme technical features and natural feel. Merino Wool wicks moisture, regulates temperature regardless of climate, and feels soft on your skin when hiking, running, biking, or just relaxing at home. Merino Wool also happens to be a great sustainable choice for technical apparel that lowers your gear’s environmental impact.  


Harvested from sheep who provide wool year after year, Merino Wool is a fully renewable resource. The sheep provide nutrients to the soil they graze on, encouraging growth of the plants upon which they feed. Plus, wool is the most recycled and reused fiber in major apparel. 

Long Lasting 

Merino wool is a resilient fiber with natural elasticity and has the ability to regulate temperature. These natural performance features allow an active user to wear their Merino Wool socks comfortably, for longer. 


Because wool is a natural fiber, it is biodegradable. It won’t end up in a landfill for millennia once you dispose of your socks because it breaks down into the soil. Wool also doesn’t release microplastics into waterways during the washing process like other materials, as the particles from wool are biodegradable in water. If you’re looking for a fiber with a minimal environmental footprint, Merino is the choice for you. 

Enjoy your wool socks knowing they’re a great choice for your feet and the earth. To learn more about our sustainability efforts, click here.