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Meet The Sock Built For Trail Running

Meet The Sock Built For Trail Running 

Trail runners are tough and versatile - so their socks should be, too. Meet VIBE: the sock specifically built for the demands of rough terrain. From a loop around your favorite park to a demanding summit, these socks have your back. 

Man running on a trail.

Blisters Be Gone 

Trail runs should never be ruined by blisters. VIBE is built with high-performance moisture-wicking fibers in the footbed, which draws moisture away from the foot and dries quickly. This keeps your feet from getting softened by sweat, thus preventing blisters from forming while you run.. 

Cushion and Compression 

Versatility is the name of the game with VIBE. These socks boast moderate compression to provide support without restricting your feet as you run. And the medium cushion featured in these socks absorbs impact on uneven terrain without adding bulk to your shoe. 

Trail-Ready Toe Box 

A common problem for trail runners is friction in the toe box (thus creating hot spots or blisters). VIBE eliminates this issue with a seamless toe - leaving your toes free to work their magic without painful rubbing. 

Height Options 

VIBE comes in three cuff height options: a Zero no-show sock, a One ankle-height, and the Five crew height. Choose the coverage you need for the trail you’re tackling or the weather you’re venturing into.  

Man and woman running on trail.

When trail running is your thing, VIBE is the choice for support, protection, and comfort. Happy trails!