Make Your Resolutions Stick This Year With These Tips

The new year is almost here, and with new beginnings (and a new decade!) come new resolutions. Some folks love resolutions and have no problem sticking to them - however, many others struggle to last longer than a few months before they abandon their New Year’s goals. If you’re the type that avoids resolutions or struggles to keep up with these promises, try some of these tips for setting a 2020 resolution that sticks.

Woman running on a trail.

Leave Space for Forgiveness

Many people give up on resolutions when they start to fail - they miss a few sessions or a milestone and cease their quest entirely. If this is an issue you struggle with, try starting out on the resolution path with forgiveness in mind. Instead of “I’m going to run 5 miles every day,” try “I’m going to run 150 miles per month.” Setting goals in this manner allows for flexibility. You’re permitting yourself to adjust when emergencies arise or you have a day where hitting that benchmark just isn’t realistic. If you design your New Year’s resolution with room for off days and life events, you’ll be less likely to give up when you fall a little behind.

Try A Building Resolution

If your resolution involves a big goal - like summiting a certain mountain or participating in a milestone race - break down your resolution by month so it builds toward your overall goal. Start with smaller changes at first and slowly work those changes towards your goal benchmark. A resolution that gradually progresses can be easier to stick to versus taking on a large, challenging commitment on day one.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

The smartphone… there’s probably one in your pocket at the moment, or you might even be reading this on a smartphone right now. This time around, use that phone to your advantage - set yourself reminders, schedule check-ins in your calendar, or set a wallpaper that reminds you of your goal. If you’re trying to get to the gym more often, set a nightly reminder to pack your gym bag to eliminate that excuse. Switch up the messaging and the delivery method every now and then to keep yourself from ignoring the nudges. You’re carrying that phone around with you all day - you might as well put it to use!

Reframe the Resolution

If you still blanch at the mention of resolutions, a helpful trick can be avoiding the word “resolution” altogether. Some people prefer to frame their resolutions as commandments they choose to follow or a promise they make to themselves. Or, you may find it helpful to create a resolution that’s an intention you set. This could be a word you choose to embrace in your actions throughout the year - a word like joy, peace, growth, grounding, or focus - or a mantra you decide to follow as you progress throughout the year. If you struggle to stick to resolutions, taking a new approach to setting them can hack your mind into following through.

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