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Hydrate Like A Pro On Your Next Workout

Hydrate Like A Pro On Your Next Workout 

No matter what your favorite outdoor activity is, hydration is key to staying healthy and replenishing your body. When the weather heats up, your hydration practice should adjust to keep up with the water you lose in your sweat. Try these tips to keep your cells hydrated and happy after a day on the trail.

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When to Drink?

The best practice to avoid dehydration involves drinking water before, during, and after exercising. Start your workout off on the right foot by drinking water in the hours beforehand. If you’re heading out for more than 15 minutes, take sips along the way. Finally, drink water when you’re finished to replenish your muscles.

How Do I Know I’m Rehydrated? 

The best way to tell your body’s hydration level is to keep an eye on your urine! Well-hydrated urine will appear a pale yellow, while under-hydrated urine is much darker. You should also watch out for over-hydration, which can cause dizziness or other health effects. If your urine becomes too clear, you can scale back your water-drinking practices to avoid over hydrating.

Sports Drinks or Water? 

Water is the original rehydrating liquid, but many athletes turn to sports drinks to give an extra boost. Sugars and carbs are often included in sports drinks, and they can help provide short-term energy and needed electrolytes. For longer workouts, hikes, or rides, switching out your water for an electrolyte drink can help you rehydrate faster and more efficiently.

What Factors Should I Watch For? 

There are many factors that influence the amount of water you lose during a workout. Heat can have a major impact and cause you to sweat more, as can the intensity of your workout. What you’ve eaten before your workout can also make a difference, and drinking diuretic beverages like coffee or alcohol can leave you less hydrated than usual. Keep these factors in mind and listen to your body when it feels like you need more fluids.

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No matter your adventure, proper hydration is key to staying healthy and up for the challenge. Grab your water bottle or some electrolyte powder and get out there!