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How To Prevent Stinky Feet This Summer

How To Prevent Stinky Feet This Summer 

Summer workouts bring lots of sweat. It’s common knowledge that feet can be notorious for getting a foul odor when put to work on the trail or treadmill. Avoid getting weird looks or having to leave your gym bag outside of your home for fear of stinking up your space - here are some tips on how to prevent stinky feet during your summer training.

Close up of someone lacing up their shoe.

Wear Socks That Wick Away Moisture

Bacteria grow in wet, warm environments (science!) - so it’s important to work out in socks that wick moisture away from your feet as you sweat. Choose synthetic fibers or Natural Merino Wool instead of cotton for sweaty activities to avoid the misery of soggy, wet feet.

Wash Your Feet With Antibacterial Soap Once A Day

If you struggle with foot odor, make sure you’re using an antibacterial soap on your feet during your daily shower. Cleaning away the bacteria will leave your feet smelling and feeling fresh.

Let Your Shoes Dry Out Between Workouts

If you’re working out every day (especially in humid environments), your shoes may not be drying out fully between your workouts. Yuck. Try alternating between two pairs of running shoes or bringing sandals to slip on at the trailhead once you finish your adventure - your feet AND nose will thank you.

Switch Socks If Your Feet Get Wet 

You often risk stepping in a puddle or getting your feet wet while exercising outside. Bring extra socks in your backpack in case you slip while crossing a creek or get caught in the rain so you don’t have to continue in wet socks. A dry pair will prevent sores and blisters as well as keep the stench away.

Wash Your Insoles

We wash our workout socks after every wear, but we don’t wash our shoes! If your shoes have absorbed odors, it can be helpful to throw your insoles in the wash every now and then to get them clean. Check the washing directions for your pair before laundering. 

Wear Breathable Shoes 

If your shoes are too tight or don’t let your feet breathe, they can trap moisture next to your feet and allow for an unpleasant smell to grow. Choose workout shoes that allow your sweat to evaporate off your feet to stay smelling fresh. 

Man and woman sitting down, resting while on a bike ride.

We’ve all battled stinky shoes, but a little effort can go a long way in preventing unwanted smells from getting out of control. What’s your favorite foot odor-preventing trick?