How to Celebrate Earth Day From Home

This Earth Day feels much different than others in the past. The usual celebratory events like group hikes and trail cleanups have been canceled, and many of us can no longer venture into wilderness areas or parks. But, the strange circumstances surrounding this year’s celebration doesn’t have to keep us from honoring our planet and doing our part to preserve recreational areas for generations to come. Here are our favorite ideas for Earth Day activities that allow us all to stay safe at home.

Man standing on a rock, stretching and looking out at the water.

At-Home Compost

What better day to start composting than Earth Day! Food waste is a huge problem, but your dinner scraps don’t have to head to the landfill. You can build a compost bin in your own backyard (or even in your kitchen) and give your food scraps a new life as nutritious soil.

Donate to Your Trails

With cleanup and trail days canceled, your local crews are likely facing difficulties keeping trails and parking areas maintained with limited staff. Support your local trail organization with an online donation to keep your favorite paths protected for future use.

Plant a Plant

Challenge yourself to grow something new this year - bring the outdoors in! Provide some fresh oxygen to your home by adding a potted plant to your windowsill - or break out the seeds and start a home garden. If you’re a wizard at propagating, try leaving baby plants on the sidewalk for neighbors and friends to grab on their evening walk. Share the plant love!

Ride Your Bike

Try substituting a bike for a car on your necessary trips, when you just need a change of scenery, or to get out and get your blood pumping. Don’t forget your helmet, and to minimize any risk - now is not the time to be sending it for the ‘gram.

Pick Up Trash

Just because the trash cleanup at your local park was canceled, doesn’t mean you can’t beautify your area. Keep your distance from others and take a walk around your neighborhood to gather litter for proper disposal. Challenge your friends to a virtual trash pick-up and see who can collect the most!

Camp Out At Home

Many of us head outside for Earth Day to enjoy what nature has to offer. This year, that might not be on the agenda - but it doesn’t have to stop us from having a camp out. Set up the tent in your living room or back yard and treat yourself to an Earth Day trip from the comfort of your own home. Grill some hot dogs, bring out the sleeping bags and share stories around the imaginary campfire.

Watch A Live Stream

Get a taste of the great outdoors from your couch by checking out a webcam stream. Visit your favorite national park, zoo, or wildlife refuge and you’ll be reminded how beautiful our planet really is.

Woman riding a bike down a winding trail.

The recent changes in our society are already proving beneficial to our planet - reduced pollution, clearer waters, and the return of wildlife to certain areas have been glimmers of positivity in these tough times. Let’s keep this progress going and leave our planet a little better than we found it for those who come after us. Happy Earth Day!