Bring The Outdoors To Your Indoor Workouts

Bring The Outdoors To Your Indoor Workouts 

We believe in chasing adventure over everything else, but outdoor adventures aren’t always an option. Weather, time, and lockdown restrictions can all keep us indoors, on a treadmill, or a stationary bike when we’d rather be out on the trail. Use these hacks to make your indoor workouts feel as if you’re in the great outdoors. 

Woman sitting on treadmill putting socks on with dog sitting next to her.

Feel Fresh Air  

The best part of exercising in the outdoors is the fresh air, isn’t it? If you can, open a window and bring some of that breeze inside. If that’s not possible, try turning the heat down or setting up a fan in your workout room so it feels like cool, outdoor air.  

Hear The Sounds 

You’re going to need some nature sounds in your indoor wilderness! Pull up a playlist with your favorite natural audio - running water, soft breezes in trees, birds chirping, or a gentle wave on the beach. You’ll be immediately transformed to your dream adventure space - without leaving your home. 

Smell Nature 

Treat your senses to an olfactory experience. Whether in candle, spray, or diffuser form, try a beachy scent or a piney fragrance to imitate your favorite natural space. Take deep breaths and let yourself melt away. 

Add Some Scenery 

If you’re a visual person, try taking yourself outdoors through a video! Pull up a virtual tour of your favorite park or an aerial fly-over of your dream destination to look at while you sweat. Soon you’ll forget you’re on a treadmill! 

Partake In Some Trail Chat 

The magic of technology means that while we can’t meet in person, we can still exercise together. Set up a video chat with a friend during your workout to keep each other motivated and make it feel like an in-person meet-up. 

Woman stretching leg on trail.

With a little creativity, your indoor workout doesn’t have to feel like one. Until we’re back outside in the sunshine, try these tips to transport yourself outside - and keep chasing adventure.