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5 Virtual Cycling Apps To Help You Prepare For Bike Season

5 Virtual Cycling Apps To Help You Prepare For Bike Season

As we head into spring, it’s time to start thinking about bike season! Even if the weather isn’t compatible with outdoor riding, you can hit the pedals indoors with the help of a training app. Try one of these suggested services to get yourself ready for summer riding. 

Woman riding bike uphill.


Zwift is popular for a reason - from beginners to pro riders, this platform is a fun training tool to get you ready for cycling season. Featuring virtual worlds and iconic routes, a ride on Zwift is never boring. It works with smart trainers and many other at-home trainers, and you can train on your phone, tablet, or TV. Boasting an active, supportive community, Zwift has the added benefit of a motivational group to keep you going. Plus, you can use it for running or triathlons to level up your training in every realm. 


If you made it through 2020 without hearing about Peloton, we’d be surprised. While their training bikes were a popular pandemic purchase, the app can be used with a variety of smart bikes. It also features a wealth of other strength, boot camp, running, and yoga classes to keep your cross training fun and effective. Work out in real time alongside other Peloton users or watch a pre-recorded class that fits your schedule. If you’re missing in-person spin classes and looking to get back into the beat, Peloton is for you. 


A favorite of racers, TrainerRoad aims to make you a faster rider. Detailed training plans allow you to effectively prepare for any race or goal you’re hoping to achieve this year. Plus, the app is compatible with many devices and trainers, allowing you to stick to the setup you already have. 

RGT Cycling

If you’re looking for a cycling simulator to make you feel like you’re out on the road, this is the one. Create races, explore new regions, or enjoy a workout from world-renowned coaches. RGT also allows you to organize events or community rides if you’re missing the joy of in-person riding. 

The Sufferfest

Don’t let the name fool you. Featuring cycling, yoga, strength, and mental toughness workouts, this app aims to support well-rounded, complete training. The Sufferfest uses personalization to create a training program and intensity targets to keep you on track. With real-time race footage, clear instructions and performance data, and shareable statistics, you can stay motivated all the way to summer.  

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